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Thank you for your interest in E-Blah! Before you can download and install E-Blah you must first agree to abide by the the terms of the GPL license agreement.

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Latest Released Version: E-Blah 10.3.6

Development notice: As of September 2012, E-Blah is no longer under active development. While there could be additional upgrades in the future, current development on the project has ceased. Any development changed will be added to the E-Blah GitHub page. If users would like to contribute to the project, please send pull requests on GitHub.

New E-Blah Install Release Date: 9 August 2008
Version: 10.3.6
File Size: 944.34 KB
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Download E-Blah 10.3.6

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Language Packs for 10.3.6

Please understand that the following language packs are only compatible with the current version. There are older language packs available under Add-ons and Older Packages.

Language Name Size Downloads
None are currently available for this version. There are, however, translations available for older versions.