E-Blah Features

The following summary of features E-Blah has was taken from the Platinum 9 release. This list is in no way an accurate depiction of the hundreds of features E-Blah has.

E-Blah has the easiest installation process out there, along with the best support team in the world. We strive to make it where anyone can have a forum installed and running within thirty minutes.

Themes System

  • Menu system (home, login, logout, member center, etc.)
  • Area that welcome users, date and time, instant messages
  • Easily switch between themes in the Member Center or make default themes for the entire board

Member Groups

  • Members may be a part of many different groups
  • Groups can either be opened or closed (members can freely join)
  • Group managers may add or remove users without consent of a forum administrator
  • Groups have permissions that can be set by the forum administrator
  • Specific boards and categories can use groups as "permissions" which allow users to enter, post, or moderate

Board Index

  • Indication of new messages on boards
  • Last thread to be modified listed with link
  • Moderators (if any) listed, number of users browsing board, and locked board notification (image and text)
  • Mark all threads as read
  • Forum time offset
  • Scrolling news option
  • Current forum statistics (boards, members, click log, planned events, invite friends to forum, members online, etc.)

Message Index

  • Board description
  • Sticky threads
  • Moderator options (stick, lock, delete, and move threads)
  • Link to "View All New Posts" (only show new posts on board)
  • "Switch to" link to go to another board
  • Forum rules
  • Mark all threads as read
  • Explanation of message status (locked, stuck, etc)
  • Rating threads
  • Last post time with who posted last and who started the topic
  • Members browsing the forum
  • Board notification

Message Display

  • Number of reply, with total number of replies on each post
  • Send topic to friend
  • Topic reporting
  • Posts per day with post counts
  • Signature (individual users can disable the signature)
  • Avatar (individual users can disable the signature)
  • Links to ICQ, AIM, YIM, MSN, Private Message, and e-mail to the user
  • Quote, delete, modify on each post
  • IP Address of user
  • Online status
  • Topic notification
  • "Switch to" link to go to another board
  • Quick Reply feature (no more going to the reply page each time)
  • Thread Rating
  • Moderator Options
  • Forum rules
  • Users can 'block' messages by certain members from appearing
  • Printer Friendly version of the topic, along with allowing them to download the thread to their Hard Drive in HTML format

Post / Reply page

  • Checkable "Topic Notification"
  • Users can disable smiles
  • Users can disable HTML (if enabled on forum)
  • Attachments
  • Add smiles (and custom smiles as well)
  • Blah code links
  • Color coated color Blah Code links
  • Preview (message preview above post)
  • Users browsing the board user is posting on
  • Topic summary of threads

Member Center

  • Private Messaging
  • Public profile (with editable side panel for members and administrators)
  • Banning of users from profile page
  • Members can change all of their public profile from the center
  • User Message Block (allows users to block messages from users they do not like)
  • Buddy and Private Message block list
  • Private Message search
  • Private Message Auto-Reply and 'E-mail on new PM'
  • Users can change Board settings - Disable censor, auto-notification, disable thread summaries, disable avatar and signature in post, etc.
  • Time settings - users can change time zone, and the way the date and time looks
  • Language and Theme - users can change the forum language, and the theme the forum uses
  • Notification Service - allows users to manage currently threads marked to notify (or e-mail on new post or reply)
  • Administrator settings - edit post counts, date registered, disable private messaging per user, member group, access status (disable user account, etc.) and a special 'forum' key you can setup on your forum


  • Logging - Click Log, Error Log, Login/Out Log, Ban log, and Attachment log and management
  • Forum Settings - Theme manager, Modifications center, forum settings (over 100 basic forum settings), template manager (News, Main, registration, etc.)
  • Forum Update - Version check
  • Add and Edit Boards and Categories (easiest to use out of all other forums)
  • Extra Smiley Code
  • IP Search - Search for usernames per IP address
  • Various: Portal setup, censor, mailing list, recount member posts, reserve usernames, forum backup, etc.
  • Forum Conversion - YaBB or phpBB

Full Featured Calendar

  • Add and delete events based on member group status (Admins, and others you assign)
  • Span events over days
  • View each months week breakdown
  • Birthdays and events are listed
  • Previous and Next month shown in "current month" display


  • Easy to use Search Engine with Highlight tool
  • Easy splitting and merging of topics
  • Moved threads create new moved message
  • Member List
  • Easy to modify members (for administrators, no going into the Administrator center)
  • SID (Session IDs) for user logins
  • Complete member groups (change member group color on Board Index, allow other member groups to become administrators, etc.)
  • Administrators can disable nearly every feature of the forum
  • Maintenance Mode or Forum Lockout for maintenance (or for new forums so non-administrators can access via Forum Lockout)
  • Private boards, categories, and pass worded boards
  • Certain boards or categories can be inaccessible to unregistered members (without using password)
  • Customize the colors of the forum via Admin Control panel, or via the forum template (CSS)