Project History

This is a brief history of E-Blah, and by no means is it up to date or complete. It was written by the creator of the software, Justin.

This history was written in 2003, making it quite old and outdated now.

Reason Behind the Software

Soon after I turned 15, I started E-Blah. The first actual board was small, and only a few people saw it. It was not the start of any of the code from today however. Soon after I started working on it, I ditched it. I just did not feel as though I could build something so massive, single handedly. A few weeks later, however, I decided to start a fresh. I gave it a name in December -- codenamed "Blah" -- after which I adopted the name "e-blah!" (and even later, just "E-Blah"), as it seemed catchier. The main reason behind E-Blah was not to compete with other forums, it was just a project started out of pure boredom, and a love for programming.

Looking After the Beginning

After the main code was into place with a firm database and backend, I began to notice that the way I had written the database would not hold near enough information for what data the forum was going to need to hold (as in new features, security, and overall size). I've since then had to rebuild the main database (which stores the Boards and Categories), three times. After all of that was straightened out, the front end began to take shape. I wanted a catchy front end, but while also delivering something completely different than from what other forums that I had saw, had. I coded the front end, so that the end user can have a forum system they can be proud of owning. And I truly hope that you love and always enjoy E-Blah!

The Future

In the summer of 2003, I started releasing Platinum. Platinum was what I believed was going to be one big upgrade, and then it would end all betas. But as I began looking at it, I just never could get over how the forum needed constant upgrading. Recently I have decided to just leave the whole beta scene (since E-Blah is more than just stable -- it's production). So beginning with the release of RC5, E-Blah will no longer be labeled "beta". It's production! I hope to keep you coming for more, better designs and better forum layouts in the future!