System Requirements

Although E-Blah should work on nearly any server system, this page is for those that are having problems installing E-Blah and are wondering if it could be because of insufficient system requirements (which is rarely the case). If you are uploading the script via FTP, we recommend using SmartFTP on Windows as your client. It's free, and by far the easiest client to use (with more features than most).

  • Web Space: 2 MB required, more than 5 is highly recommended (as when forums grow, more space is needed)
  • Modules: (installed by default on most servers)
  • Perl: Perl 5 or higher (most servers have this)

  • E-Mail (not required, but highly recommended)
    1. SMTP (mostly Windows servers, Authen-SASL required for Authentication - if your server requires authentication)
    2. Sendmail (mostly Unix servers)

  • Supported Operating Systems
    1. Windows 2000/XP (95/98/ME not recommended for production server, however, they are supported)
    2. Linux (basically any *nix server)

  • Supported Servers
    1. OmniHTTPd  (
    2. Apache  (
    3. Microsoft IIS  (
    4. Many Others

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